The Success of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a businessman and entrepreneur who has become a successful individual by pursuing what he loves best. As a member of a well respected family, Mr. DeVos has been able to not only spread his family legacy, but also do so by helping others. As a resident of Michigan, Mr. DeVos has donated much of his earnings to providing the community with funds to continue improving the neighborhoods as well as the organizations within the city. Dick DeVos has donated thousands of dollars to art, religious, free market, as well as educational causes within his community in order to make every single individual receive the benefit of his success. Dick DeVos is a firm believer that those who are successful should share their success with the world. 

Dick DeVos is a businessman who has had the sole intention of making his father proud.
 Dick DeVos' father is Richard DeVos who is responsible for the creation of Amway Corporation, a distribution company that currently has partnerships with over 18 different countries around the world. Working with his father as well as his many other family members is what inspired Dick DeVos to pursue the business career. To Dick DeVos, being involved in business was like being involved with home. Ever since a young age, Dick DeVos has watched his father's company grow and he is proud to say that he is a part of the success story.

After earning his degree in business management,
 Dick DeVos officially entered Amway Corporation in 1974. During his 30 years at Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos entered several executive positions within the company. One of Mr. DeVos' favorite positions was serving the company as a vice president who was in charge of international sales. While in charge of international sales, Dick DeVos increased the total revenue produced. By 1993, Dick DeVos proved his capability as he was appointed CEO of the company.

Dick DeVos, up until 2002 was heavily involved in his business ventures. Though Dick DeVos still is a passionate businessman,
 Mr. DeVos has decided to appoint a new and trust individual to take over his empire as he pursues more philanthropy oriented options. The individual that Dick DeVos chose is named Phil Dolci who is an expert in marketing. With over 23 years of marketing experience, Dick DeVos is confidence in Mr. Dolci's capability to continue the family name further into history.