John Textor Remains Connected Throughout The Movie Industry


John Textor is a movie industry executive who has created companies and held seats on many boards of directors. The industry would not be the same without John's influence. Mr. Textor is most recently known for producing Ender's Game, but his influence stretches back to the 90s and animations that were pivotal to the movie industry. This article explains the path of John's career as it relates to his amazing creations and creative influence.

#1: New Companies

Wyndcrest Holdings was created by John in 1997 to help build a portfolio of entertainment companies that would touch each part of the industry. The entertainment world uses private animation studios, casting firms and other businesses for productions, and John created a company that would hold a family of companies that service the whole industry.

#2: Digital Domain

Digital Domain was created by John to offer animation services for productions across the industry. Digital Domain created new animations for successful movies, and his work at Digital Domain aided his work on Ender's Game. John is an executive who understands how Hollywood works, and his expertise is more sought after than almost any other executive in the industry.

#3: Sims Snowboards

Sims Snowboards was another creation John used to service the movie industry. John's interest in the animation side of the industry has put him at the forefront of nearly every major production viewers remember. CGI and digital effects are needed for movies that cannot be created any other way, and the work that John did at Sims Snowboards and Digital Domain helped many movies get off the ground.

#4: A Background In Economics

John's background in economics prepared him to run entertainment companies. Many people who work in the entertainment industry are often very creative, and John's perspective is much different from those of his colleagues. John knows how to make a film on budget, and John knows how to cut costs for all his clients. This sort of knowledge helps him make better movies, and his executive insight helps companies stay afloat.

John Textor has shown that he can guide people in the entertainment industry to success with his economic and entertainment background. John has created new companies to serve Hollywood, and his work can be seen in movie theaters around the world. His most recent triumph in Ender's Game was merely the latest in a long string of successes that he can credit to his influence in the industry.

Second Quarter Results Point To A Strong Future For John Textor's Pulse Evolution


The live entertainment industry has seen a great deal of excitement in recent weeks after Pulse Evolution released its second quarter financial results. John Textor, the Executive President of the hologram based technology company has been busy providing interviews about the recent financial results and the future direction the company will be looking to move in. Pulse Evoltuion has grown a great deal of buzz in recent years with the release of surprise performances from legendary entertainment figures in hologram form.

The company appointed former Digital Domian Chairperson John Textor as its Executive President after his impressive tenure at the Hollywood movie studio. The Digital Domain group was divided into two entities under the leadership of Textor, which saw the development of a visual effects department that made some of the greatest advances in computer generated images of the 21st century. John Textor allowed the visual effects department at Digital Domain to work with new technologies to produce some of the most impressive and groundbreaking effects in the history of Hollywood. Textor's financial and investment background allows him the chance to balance the need for innovation with the best financial options for the companies he is working with.

Pulse Evolution released their second quarter financial results with a promise to release more regular results over the coming months as the technology company looks towards a national stock exchange offering. Few details have been released yet by the company over how and when they will complete the stock offering, but the initial paperwork was also filed to prepare the way for a major stock offering. The popularity and interest in the hologram based technology of Pulse Evolution has grown over the course of the last few years after a hologram version of rapper Tupac Shakur debuted the work of the company at the 2012 Coachella Festival. A further appearance by a Michael Jackson hologram at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards brought the company to the attention of the general public.

John Textor has discussed the future of Pulse Evolution and detailed the close partnerships that have been formed between the company and the estates of a number of iconic performers estates. The protection offered to the estates by Textor has been discussed a number of times as the Executive President has refused to release the holograms produced until they meet the highest possible standards of recreation.