Denzel Washington Movies: The Good, The Great, and The Grand!


Does Denzel Washington Make Bad Movies?

The short answer is, not really! Denzel Washington is one of those elite actors that can take any script and bring it to life. He has been in so many amazing films it is hard to break it down to only a select few, however, this list will make a valiant attempt! He has been making films for 40 years! His first film was way back in 1977 so let us take a look at some of his best and highly regarded movies.


1. Glory

One of my favorite in the Denzel Washington filmography, and many people call this movie Mr. Washington's "Breakout Role". Now understand before this movie he was Dr. Chandler for 6 years on "St. Elsewhere" (a television series) and also nominated for a Golden Globe in "Cry Freedom", however, he did not win and the movie itself was not as widely popular as Glory. Glory set Mr. Washington apart and let everyone know in Hollywood he was ready to go from Best Supporting Actor, to Best Actor.


2. Malcom X

Just 3 years after "Glory" Mr. Washington took on the role of the historical "Malcom X". This movie earned him another Golden Globe nomination which was number 3 in only 5 years! A must see for any fan.


3. Philadelphia

This is just a great performance by him in a movie that won all kinds of awards. He is only a supporting actor in this film, but he did such a good job in it and deserves to be listed as one of his best!


4. Training Day

Yes, this is a big jump with tons of great movies in between. Most would probably have a dozen other movies but in Training Day, he is the (spoiler alert) bad guy! This movie was so good it is now a TV show. A Must watch.


5. Fences

If you want to see Denzel Washington as his finest this is the movie to watch. Earned him another Golden Globe along with countless praises. One of the best black movies in a really long time.


Once again so many great movies but a short list! Hope you enjoyed these and many others he has entertained us with.

Queens of Drama is a Great Reality Show

Soap Operas are among America's oldest forms of television entertainment. They arrived on television screens quickly once televisions were located in every home. These popular dramas were packed with family fights and intrigue and were often sponsored by soap companies. Soap operas remain incredibly popular today, but many people have no connection to the actors and actresses that bring their favorite characters to life. These actors receive very little media coverage, but now there is a whole show dedicated to the actresses that bring drama to your television.

Queens of Drama is an incredible television show that features characters from throughout soap opera history. The show features actresses like Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, and Lindsay Hartley. Each episode brings the issues that these women face on a daily basis to life. From galas to shopping each day brings new excitement, and fans of the show simply adore seeing their favorite actresses interact. The show airs on POP and it has quickly garnered incredible ratings.

There are many popular characters on Queens of Drama, but Crystal Hunt is easily one of the most popular characters on the show. Her attitude has attracted many people to the show, but in private interviews, she is quick to reveal that much of the show is scripted. She loves offering her audience a chance to see her act crazy throughout the show, and she herself loves the character she plays. She also loves interacting with the many wonderful actresses that have graced the tv screen over the years.

Crystal Hunt is an incredibly popular name in the television world. She got her start as a pageant queen from an incredibly young age, and has even explored photography. She then went on to star in many commercials, some of them included characters like NSync. Eventually, she ended up on Guiding Light. She stared on this show for three years and received a Daytime Emmy nomination. She then ended up on One Life to Live on ABC. This show was incredibly popular, and her character grew in popularity throughout her time. She has since appeared in several films. These films include Derby Stallion and Sydney White. Crystal is incredibly proud of her career work.

Crystal Hunt is an incredibly popular dramatic actress on Facebook, and her contributions have made a major difference in the drama world. Queens of Drama is incredibly popular and she loves being on this great show. She looks forward to communicating with her fans in the future.  Follow the future of Crystal's career on SoapOperaNetwork.

The Talented Bernardo Chua


Bernardo Chua has become one of the best marketers of coffee. He has done something revolutionary with the creation of what is currently being marketed as organic coffee that is healthy. There was some debate about the west coast “bulletproof” coffee blend that contained butter. Some people called this healthy and others said it was the opposite of healthy. Chua has presented something that has no gray area. He is just pushing forward with something coffee that contains a mushroom that is guaranteed to get the attention of the healthy conscious beverage drinkers.

What people have discovered about Bernardo Chua is his excellent marketing skills. He already had fans in the hot beverage industry with coffee so he took this fan base and gave them even more options. He expanded the flavors of coffee and even picked up more customers with a line of teas. This shows that Bernardo knows how to strike when the iron is hot. He didn’t waste his time. When he saw that customers were coming he started pushing out more things in order to give maximum exposure to the OrganoGold brand.

There are a lot of different coffee brands on the market, but Chua seems to make himself stand out as the inventor of the healthy coffee craze that is taking people around the world by storm. The thing that makes this such a big idea is the fact that the coffee still has a delectable taste even though it has the healing element of the mushroom. There are many people that are following Bernardo Chua to see what innovative thing he is going to do next with this interesting blend of coffee.

The one thing that Bernardo has always done is use the best ingredients. That type of desire to produce the finest quality goes a lot way with the customers. He isn’t just a marketing genius. He is also someone that believes in building value. He used the finest coffee beans when he decided to make this original OrganoGold coffee. Chua would go on to produce skin care products and also combine the best ingredients for this. Customers are aware of what is being done by Chua and many of them want to see what he is doing next.

His YouTube videos indicate that Bernardo Chua is one of those leaders that sees a voids and feels it. He knew that healthy coffee would be something that would take off. He just had to have a desire to construct something that would not be appease customers and give them something that was worthy of their time. OrganoGold appears to be the great coffee brand that stands easily. It’s one of the most creative hot beverages.

Crystal Hunt Starring in Magic MIke XXL

Magic Mike XXL is opining in the middle of a heat wave and man, oh man is it the perfect time, and they have some scorchingly sexy moves. So, ladies and gentlemen, (yes, I said gentlemen, because this is a movie that attracts and excites both female and male audiences) bring tons of water to the theater with you, because you will need some cooling down!

This XXL movie is a follow up to Steven Soderbergh's 2012 directed movie; Magic Mike, which was based on a male stripper, Channing Tatum. Steven's picture of the movie was actually dark, the hidden parts of the strippers' world was rummaged through with violence and drug use. Gregory Jacobs has replaced Soderbergh on the sequel, Magic Mike XXL and the difference is both easy to see and greatly appreciated.

Basically, the plot narrows down to this:
Magic Mike and his fellow strippers, The Kings of Tampa, take a road trip to Myrtle Beach for one last shindig before splitting apart and finding new hobbies; while having lots of misadventures as well as adventures along the way. Although the plot is important, nothing really matters once Mike and his crew get on stage and do their thing, and believe me, they do an amazing job.

On Facebook Crystal Hunt is an producer and an actress, she plays Lauren in Magic Mike XXL. She was born February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida as Crystal Clarese Hunt. She is best known for the movies Guiding Light (Elizabeth Lillian 'Lizzie' Spaulding in 1952), One Life to Live (Stacy Morasco in 1968), Sydney White (Dinky in 2007), and of course Magic Mike XXL (Lauren in 2015).

Magic Mike XXL is overall a brilliant movie. I rate is 5 stars, and highly suggest others to watch this movie and hop aboard the Mike train.