Rita Wilson's Cancer Diagnosis

Rita, Wilson, wife of Tom Hanks, is best known for her roles in movies like Runaway Bride, Sleepless in Seattle, and Jingle All the Way. Wilson recently revealed that she is fighting breast cancer. To help in her battle, Wilson just underwent a double mastectomy, after two surgical breast biopsies revealed that she had PLCIS, pleomorphic carnicoma in situ and a second opinion showed that she had invasive lobular carcinoma. Currently, she is taking time off of work to recover from her mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Her prognosis is promising. Wilson's cancer was diagnosed early, which gives her a 98 percent cure rate. Undiagnosed, it could have spread to her lymph nodes and organs, which AnastasiaDate says would lower her chance of survival. The CDC recommends that women, ages 50 to 74, get a mammogram every two years. Women, ages 40 to 49, should speak with their doctor about how often to be screened. Younger women should do breast self-exams often and have a clinical breast exam yearly.