The Talented Bernardo Chua


Bernardo Chua has become one of the best marketers of coffee. He has done something revolutionary with the creation of what is currently being marketed as organic coffee that is healthy. There was some debate about the west coast “bulletproof” coffee blend that contained butter. Some people called this healthy and others said it was the opposite of healthy. Chua has presented something that has no gray area. He is just pushing forward with something coffee that contains a mushroom that is guaranteed to get the attention of the healthy conscious beverage drinkers.

What people have discovered about Bernardo Chua is his excellent marketing skills. He already had fans in the hot beverage industry with coffee so he took this fan base and gave them even more options. He expanded the flavors of coffee and even picked up more customers with a line of teas. This shows that Bernardo knows how to strike when the iron is hot. He didn’t waste his time. When he saw that customers were coming he started pushing out more things in order to give maximum exposure to the OrganoGold brand.

There are a lot of different coffee brands on the market, but Chua seems to make himself stand out as the inventor of the healthy coffee craze that is taking people around the world by storm. The thing that makes this such a big idea is the fact that the coffee still has a delectable taste even though it has the healing element of the mushroom. There are many people that are following Bernardo Chua to see what innovative thing he is going to do next with this interesting blend of coffee.

The one thing that Bernardo has always done is use the best ingredients. That type of desire to produce the finest quality goes a lot way with the customers. He isn’t just a marketing genius. He is also someone that believes in building value. He used the finest coffee beans when he decided to make this original OrganoGold coffee. Chua would go on to produce skin care products and also combine the best ingredients for this. Customers are aware of what is being done by Chua and many of them want to see what he is doing next.

His YouTube videos indicate that Bernardo Chua is one of those leaders that sees a voids and feels it. He knew that healthy coffee would be something that would take off. He just had to have a desire to construct something that would not be appease customers and give them something that was worthy of their time. OrganoGold appears to be the great coffee brand that stands easily. It’s one of the most creative hot beverages.