Denzel Washington Movies: The Good, The Great, and The Grand!


Does Denzel Washington Make Bad Movies?

The short answer is, not really! Denzel Washington is one of those elite actors that can take any script and bring it to life. He has been in so many amazing films it is hard to break it down to only a select few, however, this list will make a valiant attempt! He has been making films for 40 years! His first film was way back in 1977 so let us take a look at some of his best and highly regarded movies.


1. Glory

One of my favorite in the Denzel Washington filmography, and many people call this movie Mr. Washington's "Breakout Role". Now understand before this movie he was Dr. Chandler for 6 years on "St. Elsewhere" (a television series) and also nominated for a Golden Globe in "Cry Freedom", however, he did not win and the movie itself was not as widely popular as Glory. Glory set Mr. Washington apart and let everyone know in Hollywood he was ready to go from Best Supporting Actor, to Best Actor.


2. Malcom X

Just 3 years after "Glory" Mr. Washington took on the role of the historical "Malcom X". This movie earned him another Golden Globe nomination which was number 3 in only 5 years! A must see for any fan.


3. Philadelphia

This is just a great performance by him in a movie that won all kinds of awards. He is only a supporting actor in this film, but he did such a good job in it and deserves to be listed as one of his best!


4. Training Day

Yes, this is a big jump with tons of great movies in between. Most would probably have a dozen other movies but in Training Day, he is the (spoiler alert) bad guy! This movie was so good it is now a TV show. A Must watch.


5. Fences

If you want to see Denzel Washington as his finest this is the movie to watch. Earned him another Golden Globe along with countless praises. One of the best black movies in a really long time.


Once again so many great movies but a short list! Hope you enjoyed these and many others he has entertained us with.